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The Ethiquette

Marque de Vêtements
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The Ethiquette is a semi-couture brand designed and made in Paris with letfovers fabrics from French couture maisons and old saris from India.

We aim at reducing the waste by also creating a sublime mix between craftmanships from two opposite countries.

Our renting and subscription concept allows our clients to access exclusive couture pieces for evening wear and never wear it twice.

The Ethiquette, a play on words between Ethique and Etiquette, is a club representing a classy community who shares a love for fashion as well as their sophisticated wardrobe.

Our members are elegant, glamourous and independant women who are not only dressed to impress but also caring about the environment.

By The Ethiquette : Our retail line available also for non-members!

Art Direction :

Elena Feit & Alexia Hanemian