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Cécile Kaiflyn

Plasticien, Artiste
2 collaborations

It is through the contemplation of nature, mountain, Chinese calligraphy, painting and the elements that surrounds me that I have found my aesthetic voice. My movement-based artistic approach is driven by a search for resonance between volumes and textures, materials and colors, shadows and light, painted surfaces and spaces spared from gesture. I don’t aim to figuratively depict the reality that surrounds me but instead to translate the essence of the kinetics forces imbued in that reality onto canvas.

I constantly experiment and combine new materials to create new textures. Genuine expression of the movements surrounding me often requires the creation of my own tools. From a trip to Japan, I brought back a bamboo-sleeve saw made up of a double row of staggered teeth named «Kataba». From the original saw, I imagined other instruments that I later commissioned local artisans to create. Welding together several Kataba blades of different sizes and teeth allowed me to create volumes, the essential subjects of my paintings.