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The Académie Royale (AR) project started as a collaboration on a ski mask productbetween Swiss artist Cécile Kaiflyn and French streetwear label Académie Royale.When the product was finished both parties wanted to sell it online and split the profit accordingly based on the work spent on developing and manufacturing the garment.Nothing existed at the time so eventually Académie Royale the brand amplifiedits vision to serve audacious and creative minds by launching a global platform to host on the one hand artistic collaborations led by artists, craftsman and designers across the world and on the other hand showcase their portfolios.

In 2017 Academie Royale showcased its vision and first products at 1111 West lake street Chicago, IL 60607 space overseen by Virgil Ablho. It is in this atmosphere of subculture and audacious contemporary creations lead by the youth that outlines Chicago's creative scene that AR takes it roots.The platforms offers a deep dive in portfolios of artists, designers and craftsman from across the world.

Académie-Royale.netis the online destination for creatives to collaborate, showcase, sell and buy artwork with a holistic new UX. Thoughtful buyers come to shop and experience this world of creativity.We favor quality and creativity thus we have special rules to maintain a high standard community of sellers (see our specials rules here)

Why Académie Royale? Before1648 French artists painters and sculptors couldn't thrive independently from their art they were under the control of communities of highly influential art Masters ruling over them and deciding on their behalf.

In 1648 French Prime Minister King Louis the XIV Mazarin created the "Académie Royale de peinture& sculpture" in order to safeguard and organize the artistic fields and promote them as independentand under the protection of the French kingdom. They would let curated artists to come and work and improve their skills for free, in facilities backed by the Royale regime at that time.The name came naturally as a way to express our French origin and vision to create a new modern and tech driven hub. As we favor and promote all kinds of cultures and arts ranging from fashion to craftsmanship we are on our way to make Académie Royale look great again!